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Why do we drive cars?


For example, the practice of car driving requires “stuff” (cars, roads, parking spaces, gasoline stations, oil refineries), competences (driving skills, knowledge of traffic rules), and meanings (ideas of freedom, car driving is the “normal” thing to do, not having a car means you have failed in life). It makes little sense trying to convince people to drive less (or not drive at all) when these systemic issues are overlooked.

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Democracy In A Jungle

एक बार जंगल में डिमॉक्रेसी आ गयी।चुनाव हुए और बंदर राजा बन गया।

सब ख़ुश हो गए। ऐसा लगा की अब सब ठीक हो जाएगा। और अच्छे दिन आएँगे ।

एक दिन एक खरगोश भागता हुआ बंदर के पास आया। और बंदर को बोला की उसके पीछे शेर पड़ गया है। उसकी जान ख़तरे में है।

राजा बंदर ने सुनते ही एक पेड़ से दूसरे पेड़ पर छलाँग लगा दी।

फिर खरगोश चिल्लाया और बोला कि शेर क़रीब आ गया है। अगर आप शेर को नहीं रोकेंगे तो वो मेरी जान मार देगा।

फिर बंदर ने छलाँग लगा दी। जितना खरगोश चिल्लाता, बंदर उतनी छलाँग लगा देता।

अंत में खरगोश झल्ला के बोला कि तुम कैसे राजा हो जो मेरे लिए कुछ नहीं कर सकते।

बंदर बोला की मैं जान तो नहीं बचा सकता। चूँकि में राजा हूँ कुछ तो करना पड़ेगा, सो एक पेड़ से दूसरे पेड़ पर कूद रहा हूँ।

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Police & Judicial Apathy

Another gang rape in UP

It’s not a one off crime. Crimes took place under Samajwadi Party’s tenure; 2012 to 2017. It’s just continued.

The victim’s relative is in deep shock. He is asking for help. He is hopeless.

It got me thinking. How can he get justice? How can law and order prevent crimes?

Each winning party promises shiny things, such as express ways, not roads. They promise metro, not buses. They promise malls, not regularisation of vendors. They promise prosecution of corrupt and criminals, not police and judicial reforms.

Modi’s focus on ease of doing business is unwavering. He never talks about the independent police force. He never talks about independent financial reforms. He never talks about judicial reforms.

Whatabout Nehru, Indira and Narsimha Rao? Well, if they couldn’t, why don’t you?

Since they didn’t, which allowed criminals to abuse the system, so you...

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What I’m doing now

April 2019

1. Bizjournal Year 2

  • I have sent 72 newsletters till date.
  • Next is building a website and an event.

2. Shack Year 12

  • A content services firm building communities
  • Currently building Bizjournal and The Kaapi Project
  • Also working with a VC firm to help them build their community.

January 2018

1. New Delhi Business Journal
Building a local business media upstart. It will focus on issues impacting local businesses and economy. First base in Delhi-NCR.
First newsletter went out on 7th of November.
Publication is on Medium.

2. Going back to the start
Offering my expertise in building content verticals and content hubs.

3. Reviving KQO, a website for interesting content for kids.
Another media upstart.
I had worked on this project seven years ago. I could not see it potential then. Now I see it clearly.

November 2017
Bahikhata: A news website.

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India Needs Schools Not Silicon Valley

Imitating Silicon Valley Won’t Solve India’s Problems

Startups are the new magic wand. It will eradicate poverty. It will create endless jobs. It will educate everyone without the need for schools and colleges.

Old Wine In New Bottle

Tata imitated the steel plants. So did India’s PSUs. Then we imitated Detroit. Then we imitated telecom. Now we want to imitate Silicon valley.

Best Indian Startups Are Medicore Or Xof Y

Flipkart is our best startup. 2nd best is Snapdeal or Paytm. 3rd best is Quikr or Ola or Shop Clues Or Ask Me. All are imitating or copying a successful business elsewhere. Just that we call it by different names. We finance it through different ways.

A Long Haul

Can we import success overnight? Silicon valley thrives on more than 200 years of education, research, free enterprise and great government policies.

Public Goods Lead To Great Enterprises

Mexico and...

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80% Of Success Is Showing Up

Tren Griffin writes an interesting blog called 25IQ. Every weekend he shares a dozen or so sayings from successful businessmen, founders and personalities. It is not just interesting, but very inspiring.

Recently he shared Steve Blank’s sayings, a VC who is credited to floating the idea of lean start up first.

He writes that 80% of success depends on showing up, starting, putting things out, shipping, doing …

You don’t have to be the smartest person, but showing up is 80% of the game. My career has been all about just showing up and people saying, ‘Who’s here? Blank is here. Let’s pick him.’ Volunteering and showing up has been a great thing for me. But all along the way, I’ve always been very good at pattern recognition. Picking signal out of noise. Not smarter than everyone else, but more competent perhaps at seeing patterns.” Things like being on time, being there when leaders...

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If you only do one thing, do this

Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds — no more, no less — to write down the most important points. If you always do just this, said his grandfather, and even if you only do this, with no other revision, you will be okay.

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