Not all that technology replaces is obsolete

I admire Kathy Sierra. She is a programmer, activist, speaker and writer.

I have learnt a lot from her blog ‘Creating Passionate Users’. She always stresses that the best go to market strategy is to out-teach your competitors.

In 2012 I started working on [‘Build Your Community’]( . I had a mission. I wanted to empower social media professionals. I wanted to build a tool for them. Using the tool they could assess the health of their communities, take right decisions and showcase their importance.

I faltered.

I did not engage the community of social media professionals. I did not educate. I did not explain why am I building the tool. I am working on that. I keep going back to her blogs and talks.

Kathy reiterates in her keynotes that the bigger mission or the context is more important than the tool or the product. Recently she wrote a book; Badass: Making Users Awesome. It’s a must for people wanting to build a service or a product.

I am working on that. I am sharing what I have learnt in the past seven years. I am sharing how I plan to build the expertise for social media professionals. The tool can wait. I will build it later.

On one hand she talks about technology, on the other hand she talks about horses and photography. She lives on a farm and raises horses. I like this video. She must have shot and edited it herself. One can not stop learning from Kathy Sierra.

It’s time I should also attend to my serious interests; coffee, design and farming.


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