Police & Judicial Apathy

Another gang rape in UP

It’s not a one off crime. Crimes took place under Samajwadi Party’s tenure; 2012 to 2017. It’s just continued.

The victim’s relative is in deep shock. He is asking for help. He is hopeless.

It got me thinking. How can he get justice? How can law and order prevent crimes?

Each winning party promises shiny things, such as express ways, not roads. They promise metro, not buses. They promise malls, not regularisation of vendors. They promise prosecution of corrupt and criminals, not police and judicial reforms.

Modi’s focus on ease of doing business is unwavering. He never talks about the independent police force. He never talks about independent financial reforms. He never talks about judicial reforms.

Whatabout Nehru, Indira and Narsimha Rao? Well, if they couldn’t, why don’t you?

Since they didn’t, which allowed criminals to abuse the system, so you would also allow them to abuse it more.

When people fall for shiny slogans, emotions, they may not realise that government can never give tangibles en masse. It’s not even their job. They chose an easy path.

Why was PDS a failure? Why is MNREGA not helping people to move out of poverty? India doesn’t have electricity, trains, housing, toilets, and the list is long.

Government acting like a God, rewarding the prayers, may benefit a few, but not the mass. Why does it not build systems for people? Why can’t it empower people to pull themselves out of their adversities?

Taking things in their hands mean freedom from fear of crime, freedom to access education, freedom from exploitation by the government, and freedom to choose things.

Perhaps a combination of active help and passive empowerment through public goods, law and order and judiciary will do more good than doling out goodies before and after the elections.

In the past ten years no party has promised police and judicial reforms. Once it happens, it will benefit the entire nation, not just a few people.

It’s not late. We have the right to go to the leader we elected, and ask for the push. Ashwin Mahesh wrote about it. Let’s ask for the basics, not shiny things. We will build our own shiny things. It’s our job, not theirs. Let’s force them to do their job well.

How government is responsible for police apathy? Link


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