What I’m doing now

April 2019

1. Bizjournal Year 2

2. Shack Year 12

January 2018

1. New Delhi Business Journal
Building a local business media upstart. It will focus on issues impacting local businesses and economy. First base in Delhi-NCR.
First newsletter went out on 7th of November.
Publication is on Medium.

2. Going back to the start
Offering my expertise in building content verticals and content hubs.

3. Reviving KQO, a website for interesting content for kids.
Another media upstart.
I had worked on this project seven years ago. I could not see it potential then. Now I see it clearly.

November 2017
Bahikhata: A news website.
Newsletter program for a company.

2016- October 2017

Validate Product
I am validating a product/ service idea for digital marketers.
We do research which marketers can use…

I am shifting my base to Guragon or Bengaluru.
I am following Derek’s advice Live where luck strikes .
Update: I went to Bangalore for a month. I interacted with a few people. I have come back to Delhi.

I am working on my health. It’s about three things.

I am reading again after long time.
I want to read a book a week to start with.
Now I am reading Why Children Succeed.
Update: Opened few books on Kindle. Haven’t finished any of them.


Now read this

Democracy In A Jungle

एक बार जंगल में डिमॉकरेसी आ गयी।चुनाव हुए और बंदर राजा बन गया। सब खुश हो गए। ऐसा लगा की अब सब ठीक हो जाएगा। और अचछे दिन आएँगे । एक दिन एक खरगोश भागता हुआ बंदर के पास आया। और बंदर को बोला की उसके पीछे शेर पड गया है। उसकी जान खतरे में है।... Continue →