What I’m doing now

November 2017
Bahikhata: A news website.
Newsletter program for a company.

2016- October 2017

Validate Product
I am validating a product/ service idea for digital marketers.
We do research which marketers can use…

I am shifting my base to Guragon or Bengaluru.
I am following Derek’s advice Live where luck strikes .
Update: I went to Bangalore for a month. I interacted with a few people. I have come back to Delhi.

I am working on my health. It’s about three things.

I am reading again after long time.
I want to read a book a week to start with.
Now I am reading Why Children Succeed.
Update: Opened few books on Kindle. Haven’t finished any of them.


Now read this

Police & Judicial Apathy

Another gang rape in UP It’s not a one off crime. Crimes took place under Samajwadi Party’s tenure; 2012 to 2017. It’s just continued. The victim’s relative is in deep shock. He is asking for help. He is hopeless. It got me thinking. How... Continue →