What’s your favorite brand?

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Three words maketh that question.

Today I came across a post by Ashish Sinha of Next Big What. He writes,“You Know You Are A Brand When You Are Part of Conversations.”

On reading the post I asked him what about other brands which are not as big as Facebook, Google or Apple? He answered that the rest are utilitarian brands and not part of everyone’s life.

It got me thinking. I looked around.

So, what is a brand?

Let’s hear from the experts.

Simon Clift says,“a brand is the contract between a company and consumers”.

Dan Wieden, legendary ad-man and founder of advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy says,“ Brands are verbs. Nike exhorts. IBM solves. Sony dreams”.

Good read: How Brands Were Born

Well, it’s all about the market.
The market can be of carriages, cars, garments, perfumes, electronics, computers, software, ad platforms disguised as social platforms or anything which becomes a market in future. Brands as we understand today either create a market or cater to a market.

Successful brands and not so successful ones
The ones which sustain themselves are popularly known as the successful brands such as Apple.
The ones which do not sustain themselves or stop satisfying the market or catering to the wrong market die such as Nokia and Blackberry.

My Favorite Brands
I look up to few brands which have inspired me. I am listing down six of them.

  1. Clifbar : It makes energy bars. It cares about the taste, nutrients, sourcing of ingredients and clean energy.
  2. Patagonia : It manufactures adventure clothing and gears. It cares about environment. It’s founder has bought a huge tract of land in South Americas to preserve its natural state.
  3. Basecamp : It makes software. They encourage steady growth. They encourage bootstrapping. They have the most usable project management on earth.
  4. Nilgiris : It’s a chain of department stores in South India. The original owners have moved on, but it’s as relevant as it was 100 years ago.
  5. Bata : It’s the only foreign brand which caters to every Indian, young or old, rich or poor, office going or farmer. It’s evolved with the times.
  6. Blue Bottle Coffee Co. : It roasts coffee and also runs cafes. It started from a kiosk. It is now present in nearly ten different places. It inspired me to start my journey.

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